Easter Morning Run


What better way to reflect on the truth ‘He is Risen’ with a morning run? Huh?! Why? Trust me we saw the families in their cars in their Easter best, dresses, suites and ties (suite and ties JT voice playing here) heading for church making me think we must look weird. However as the drizzle fell on us and we took breaths of fresh air I was reminded that I am alive. 

I am literally alive because He, Jesus is alive. He is alive in me. I have a hope and trust that I’m living my life to the fullest through Him.  I can see His healing and forgiveness in my life as I’ve given way for it.

Because He is alive I can do all things through His strength. Many times while running I have been reminded of how strong I can be.  In the miles I have found encouragement that I can go for the dream in my heart. 

Because He is alive my life is filled with love that conquers all. When we moved into our new house Delisa was having trouble sleeping in her new room saying she was scared. We taught her I John 4:18, where there is love there is no fear.  I have felt that love that conquers fear as I’ve crossed the finish line knowing that His love is alive in me. 

So as I ran this morning I felt an overwhelming gratitude for the One who has given me resurrection life.  He is present with me in quiet moments. He is present with me in the day to day moments. He is present with me as laugh with family and friends. He is present with me as cry with my husband. In Pastor Ross’ words: His resurrection life is present within me, re-orienting our reality and releasing faith for what is possible! 

So with laced up running shoes I run the race before me with confidence that my God is alive in me!