A note from our son…

Alex, our 9 year old son just completed his 5th 3K run where he PR’d with 16 minutes.  He ran his first 3K last March where he ran it in 23 minutes.

Alex Negley 2014
Negley 3K March 2014.

We are beyond proud of him as he is growing into himself.  Alex is a late bloomer with the bone age of a 7 year old but he has not let this in any way hold him back.  He is determined to be successful in anything he does.

This is Alex and after finishing my 5th race in 16 minutes I am now bravely running 5ks.  So my goal is to run 5ks in 18 to 20 minutes.  I will start training with a really good coach ( my mom ).

Stay tuned for more….

Alex will be running his first 5K in May.