….But I Run

Through my training for my first half marathon I have gradually gone from saying I am not a runner to I am a runner. At first the thought of saying I was a runner felt like I thought more of myself since I was running at a slower pace. Then I started to think of the responsibility it was to say I was runner because then I had to run. But as I have been logging my miles I see that I am a runner. Slow….but I run!

FullSizeRenderMakes me think of the things we want to strive for in life.  When I first had Alex I kept thinking, how am I a mother? Then I struggled through fear of being the worst mom ever because after all I am not a mother. Lastly and where I am at now I see that I am a mom. I have logged many hours being a mom and have worked on my “pace”. Many times we just need to start and somewhere in the middle of it we can say “BUT I RUN”.  Do not focus on the hard parts, the parts that you might not feel qualified for or that you have never done it.

Just look at what you can do, what you are doing. Start slow but with determination knowing that you will able to look back and see that you are in the middle of dreams coming true and can say “I might have started slow BUT with God I am doing it!

ps. I love peanut butter and would not mind running through it with a spoon.


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