Faith Running

Today’s run brought me encouragement through podcast and worship.

I am often met with looks of confusion and weirdness when I tell people that I just ran over a mile: “Oh, I could never do that. Running is just soooo boring!”, is the standard reply.

In my half marathon training I have had to mix up it because truth is a same old song can make the run boring.

Over the years I have loved to workout with worship music finding that I leave the gym encouraged. These moments have been my favorite where my heart and muscles have gotten stronger.

As I began to run longer then 25 minutes I started listening to podcast of my favorite preachers. Talk about hearing God’s word and feeling full of faith! Many times we find ourselves saying we do not have time for exercise or daily quiet time with God. The beauty of running is that you can combine both! There is something about running as it gives you alone time where you can reflect. Why not use this time to reflect, ponder, meditate, seek….

…..sooo hit the road with worship or the Bible on audio and I promise you will feel filled. Why not be strengthened both spiritually and physically?

I have running goals but even more then that my goal is to strengthen my whole person: body, mind and soul.

She is clothed in STRENGTH – Psalm 31:25




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