Our First Finish Line

Run for the One – January 28, 2012

We did not intend to participate but to cheer on those who were racing at OneChapel’s first Run for the One.  My brother and others had trained for the half marathon, my sister was volunteering and I believe my dad was running the 5k.  There is something about parking at a race where the energy is so infectious that you find yourself putting on the a race number.

Bobby and I walked our first 5k this day but left with a planted seed to one day actually run a 5k. We desired to instill in the kids a lifestyle that included running for them as for us. In the 2 years that have passed the first year we eased into running to then find ourselves running more then two 5k in 2014.

I have said since I was in 7th grade that I could not run. Exercise has been part of my life with the exception of running.  A bad knee, bronchitis in my teen years and simply the distaste of how boring running was to me were my excuses. However I caught the running bug and pushed aside reason. From looking down at running to loving the runner’s high there was a starting point in between.

You may find yourself with excuses or simply you just do not like running but let me encourage you to give it a try…. as in more then once.  Dream big with your running but don’t start off too big.

Tips that I used to get started:

  • Ease into running: this is important so you can lay a foundation, a base level of fitness.  Go for walks two to three times a week where you gradually increase your distance and pace to a brisk walk for 30-60 minutes. Take a couple weeks to a month to accomplish this.
  • Couch to 5k: Highly recommend this training as it alternates between walking and running until you build strength. It is interval paced so your not expected to run a 7 minute mile in two days.  There are many apps to pick from but I used the C25k Free app with success.
  • Music, music and music: make a playlist or two you can feel motivated to. Shuffle the songs so your running time does not feel repetitive after a couple of days. Audio books and podcast are get options as you increase time and want distraction in you running.
  • Breathe in the outside air: Find a trail, track or outside area where people in your area go running.  The mix of outside fresh air and other runners will give you motivation, support and sense of not being alone.

Regardless of where you might be in your fitness level it is important to start moving and stay moving….. give it try!


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