2015: The Adventure Begins

2014 was a great year with many laughs, family, friends and accomplishments.  I take those moments as stepping stones into our adventure of 2015.

As we ran our first race of the year I 10888764_10204242450716366_1976515688793293261_nstruggled with the course and the cold rainy weather. I pushed through the hills (small but felt like mountains) telling myself that in the end I could say I did it.

To my surprise I set a new 5k PR for myself (30:50), came in 4th for my division and 11th overall female. As a novice runner who has only been running for 5 months, I am proud!

But more then that I was full of hope knowing that this year despite any hills we will face I have God! I can push through in prayer and faith believing that He is with me and for me.  Come December 31, 2015 I know I will be able to say “we did it”.

So with that confidence I set my eyes on Jesus as we enjoy the adventure of 2015.




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