….But I Run

Through my training for my first half marathon I have gradually gone from saying I am not a runner to I am a runner. At first the thought of saying I was a runner felt like I thought more of myself since I was running at a slower pace. Then I started to think of the responsibility it was to say I was runner because then I had to run. But as I have been logging my miles I see that I am a runner. Slow….but I run!

FullSizeRenderMakes me think of the things we want to strive for in life.  When I first had Alex I kept thinking, how am I a mother? Then I struggled through fear of being the worst mom ever because after all I am not a mother. Lastly and where I am at now I see that I am a mom. I have logged many hours being a mom and have worked on my “pace”. Many times we just need to start and somewhere in the middle of it we can say “BUT I RUN”.  Do not focus on the hard parts, the parts that you might not feel qualified for or that you have never done it.

Just look at what you can do, what you are doing. Start slow but with determination knowing that you will able to look back and see that you are in the middle of dreams coming true and can say “I might have started slow BUT with God I am doing it!

ps. I love peanut butter and would not mind running through it with a spoon.


13 Miles for 13 Years

weddingWell, January has started and our Anniversary is on the 26th! Thirteen years!!! Wow…Annette and I have made it this far and we keep dreaming big! So to celebrate our anniversary we are running our first half marathon on the 25th, 13.1 miles! A mile for every year that we have been married. (Cheesy, I know and it was my idea) Last year, I challenged myself to run, and it has become an outlet for Annette and me that we enjoy. I still find it kind of strange to go to the gym and work out and run. I’ve been going to the gym quite often, and it has made a difference in my running and my overall wellness.

In my quite time, as I was praying and seeking what can I say on this blog post, I felt as God asked me “How are you training for my marriage?” (Pumping my brakes…quickly) That question really made me think and I didn’t have an answer, plan or a workout of the day…nothing.   God began to show me that marriage is like running. Like the first couple of miles, the first couple of years are the fastest. It’s the added years/miles that our race becomes more challenging. (Hebrews 12:1) So I wanted to share some tips for marriage that I have learned through running:

1. Nutrition!!!!! I try to eat better so I can run better! So I watch what I eat. I try to get a good portion of essential vitamins and protein for better performance. As for my marriage, this year I will also watch how much “nutrition” is coming into our marriage and start to take out the “junk food” from our daily diet.

2. Have a plan to prevent injury. When I started running, I injured myself, not once, not twice but three times. The first time I thought I wasn’t going to ever run again. This is when I asked for help from our chiropractor friend, Dr. Lawson. He showed me how if I strengthen some smaller, weaker muscles, it would help me prevent injury. The reason was that if one muscle is weak then it throws the whole muscle chain off. Same thing with marriage, I will begin to work out the weaker muscles so that in strengthening that specific area I strengthen my marriage overall. And if I do get hurt along the way, I want forgive. (Help me Lord!) Forgiveness is like ibuprofen, it helps reduce the swelling, pain and fever to get over your injury. And yes, like ibuprofen, forgiveness might be hard to swallow, and make you sick to your stomach but if it helps me with my injury, then I will do it…for our marriage.

3. Watch my pace. I’ve noticed if my running pace is too fast, my heart rate goes too high and there went my energy. So I try to run at a good pace and if I start feeling like my heart rate is starting to elevate, I slow my pace down and recover then pick up the pace. In this race called life, it seems like everyone is in a hurry. Let’s get a house, let’s fill it with furniture. Oh, let’s buy a car. We are having a baby! I moved to a different city. I got a new job. I got promoted…..things come at us fast and sometimes we lose our energy in our marriage because we didn’t have time to recover. I want to learn to slow down the pace so I can recover the energy in our marriage.

4. Have a running partner. Running with Annette has been encouraging. It challenges me and I’m sure it has challenged her. I have gotten stronger and faster because it is something that we are doing together.   We keep each other accountable and cheer each other in our accomplishments. I want the same thing to happen in our marriage. In the Bible, Amos 3:3, it states “Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” (NIV) I want to walk together…in agreement with everything that we do. We are running a race…together. I want to us keep challenging each other to be the couple that God created us to be.

These are some simple tips for running and marriage. We named the blog “Running with Purpose” according to 1 Corinthians 9:26 NLT. I love this verse because this is the start of us running with a clear goal in mind, every step that we take, may we always head in the direction that God has set before us.


Faith Running

Today’s run brought me encouragement through podcast and worship.

I am often met with looks of confusion and weirdness when I tell people that I just ran over a mile: “Oh, I could never do that. Running is just soooo boring!”, is the standard reply.

In my half marathon training I have had to mix up it because truth is a same old song can make the run boring.

Over the years I have loved to workout with worship music finding that I leave the gym encouraged. These moments have been my favorite where my heart and muscles have gotten stronger.

As I began to run longer then 25 minutes I started listening to podcast of my favorite preachers. Talk about hearing God’s word and feeling full of faith! Many times we find ourselves saying we do not have time for exercise or daily quiet time with God. The beauty of running is that you can combine both! There is something about running as it gives you alone time where you can reflect. Why not use this time to reflect, ponder, meditate, seek….

…..sooo hit the road with worship or the Bible on audio and I promise you will feel filled. Why not be strengthened both spiritually and physically?

I have running goals but even more then that my goal is to strengthen my whole person: body, mind and soul.

She is clothed in STRENGTH – Psalm 31:25



Our First Finish Line

Run for the One – January 28, 2012

We did not intend to participate but to cheer on those who were racing at OneChapel’s first Run for the One.  My brother and others had trained for the half marathon, my sister was volunteering and I believe my dad was running the 5k.  There is something about parking at a race where the energy is so infectious that you find yourself putting on the a race number.

Bobby and I walked our first 5k this day but left with a planted seed to one day actually run a 5k. We desired to instill in the kids a lifestyle that included running for them as for us. In the 2 years that have passed the first year we eased into running to then find ourselves running more then two 5k in 2014.

I have said since I was in 7th grade that I could not run. Exercise has been part of my life with the exception of running.  A bad knee, bronchitis in my teen years and simply the distaste of how boring running was to me were my excuses. However I caught the running bug and pushed aside reason. From looking down at running to loving the runner’s high there was a starting point in between.

You may find yourself with excuses or simply you just do not like running but let me encourage you to give it a try…. as in more then once.  Dream big with your running but don’t start off too big.

Tips that I used to get started:

  • Ease into running: this is important so you can lay a foundation, a base level of fitness.  Go for walks two to three times a week where you gradually increase your distance and pace to a brisk walk for 30-60 minutes. Take a couple weeks to a month to accomplish this.
  • Couch to 5k: Highly recommend this training as it alternates between walking and running until you build strength. It is interval paced so your not expected to run a 7 minute mile in two days.  There are many apps to pick from but I used the C25k Free app with success.
  • Music, music and music: make a playlist or two you can feel motivated to. Shuffle the songs so your running time does not feel repetitive after a couple of days. Audio books and podcast are get options as you increase time and want distraction in you running.
  • Breathe in the outside air: Find a trail, track or outside area where people in your area go running.  The mix of outside fresh air and other runners will give you motivation, support and sense of not being alone.

Regardless of where you might be in your fitness level it is important to start moving and stay moving….. give it try!

2015: The Adventure Begins

2014 was a great year with many laughs, family, friends and accomplishments.  I take those moments as stepping stones into our adventure of 2015.

As we ran our first race of the year I 10888764_10204242450716366_1976515688793293261_nstruggled with the course and the cold rainy weather. I pushed through the hills (small but felt like mountains) telling myself that in the end I could say I did it.

To my surprise I set a new 5k PR for myself (30:50), came in 4th for my division and 11th overall female. As a novice runner who has only been running for 5 months, I am proud!

But more then that I was full of hope knowing that this year despite any hills we will face I have God! I can push through in prayer and faith believing that He is with me and for me.  Come December 31, 2015 I know I will be able to say “we did it”.

So with that confidence I set my eyes on Jesus as we enjoy the adventure of 2015.